When we feel good
It lifts up our mood
When our ‘vibes’ are bad
That is what you add and spread

We influence our environment
With every thing we meant
We throw into the atmosphere
The professor and the cashier

It is a synergy
Of our energies
We are a living house of Power
In each second, minute and hour

2018 A new Destination


In 2018 we will be facing
Something amazing
Even if it now sounds crazy
My positive 2018 predictions:)))
Getting rid of your addictions
And all your mental restrictions
Many things we once adored
Now make us feel so bored
Finding interests that have been stored

Truths we did ignore
Never heard before
ABUNDANCE will open new doors
Secrets that have been sealed
About our POWER will be revealed
Important for humanity to be healed
We are entering a new phase
Learning TECHNOLOGIES of outer space
Wich we will gladly embrace

Step in the train waiting at the “station”
With an unknown destination
To PEACE: A feeling of liberation

In life….

We leave an impression
Of our own expression
Our footprints
Leave little hints

Of our feet and toes
In which direction we go
It is the path of our life
For all that we strive

I want to make it my goal
To follow the “Map” in my Soul
It is up to me to decide
To follow my Heart as my guide


Give our children a chance
To enjoy life and dance
Give them every day
The freedom to play

Don’t let them be shy
Give back the sparkle in their eye
It is about time
To let their Star shine

Take away the bitterness
Change the dissonance
Let their innocence
Be limmitless


Merry Christmas and a great 2018!


Celebrating Christmas you and me
Sitting next to a decorated tree
Enjoying all the bling bling
Waiting what the New Year will bring
But even when this Holiday passes
It should be freedom for the masses
Let us move away
From only celebrating these Holy-days

I want to make a commitment
To add to my “equipement”
Let 2018 be our new beginning
Accepting and forgiving
Something new we can create
For a whole year to celebrate
It is something we deserve
Living in freedom on dear Mother Earth

Inner conflict

We as the human kind
Forgot the Power of  body and mind
We give away our abilities
Denying their credibility
We let go of our responsibility
Facing the inner hostility
Body and mind contradict
With all these bitter conflicts

It may sound very bizarre
We don’t believe how powerful we are
We think we are never good enough
Always worrying about outer “stuff”
And then we are still surprised
That mind and  body are agonized
It is time to recognize:
“It is WE who we denied”



We are in a Tornado of change
Effecting the whole human race
We are the eye of the needle
Scared as a weasel,  fly like an eagle
We are also the touch down
And we are in the countdown
Our cells receive new information
Creating a different situation
Not statical, but practical
It may seem “dramatical”
It is not about black OR white
Left OR right
But moving from “OR” to AND
From separation, to blend
From seeing the differences
To reforming our principles
We are the citizens
Implementing what is significant