Freedom is living without wars
Living without restricting laws
Freedom is becoming aware
Of your own life affairs

It is changing shoulds
Into “coulds”
It is your Heart to unchain
From all the strain

Freedom is playing the role
Written within your own soul


That we stand tall
In a world that works for all
We show our true identity
In a world living in Unity

Where everyone is appreciated
Our Freedom is No longer confiscated
Where Truth is the only norm
Together we resist every storm

Where abundance is the new rule
And happiness is our everyday tool

The Sun

Our Sun
Is never done
Is forever shining
Always designing

See how the Sun plays
With its Beautiful rays
Showing wonderful colours
Watching children and mothers

So we can survive
And create our.own life

The next three weeks we will be traveling :)))!
I am not sure when and if it is possible to publish any poems.
At the moment it is cold in Holland (and its raining: ((
We will take some sunshine in our hearts back home again!
Warm greetings Lia

Words of contrast

Words that comfort
Words that confront
Words that are fair
Words that tear
Words that attract
Words that attack
Words that create
Words to waste
Words to follow
Words of sorrow
Words of beauty
Words of duty
Words that care
Words that scare
Words to trust
Words that crushed
Words to believe
Words to deceive
Words that lie
Words on which I can rely

I left behind the game

I left behind the game
I no longer fit in a “frame”
Because I am not the same

I let go of guilt
The emotions that “stilled”
The useless energy I spilled

I left behind the different roles
Filling up empty holes
Now I listen to my Soul

I just feel content
To No longer pretend
I NOW create my own life event