I woke up early this morning

I woke up his morning
Still yawning
My day begins
When I hear birds sing

I counted the different songs
But every time I got It wrong
Some sang low some sang high
Some songs just made me cry

I also heard a lot of chatter
Some seem to just natter
But the latter
To me didn’t matter

Even when the news seems crappy
Birds make my days happy
It makes me think of us
We seem to make a lot of fuss

Each of our songs are significant
Together we are magnificent!!!

A War


When you come out of a War
Fear still knocks at your door
Sirens In your head
At night sweat in your bed

Always ready to run
Sleeping next to a gun
Friends and Family have left
Feelings stolen like a theft

Your life feels trapped
It is the reason why you wept
Many tears need to stream
To let in a sunbeam


Makes us act funny
When not enough
Life is rough

Some swim in a “money pool”
Acting like a fool
While they have plenty
For many their “pool” is empty

Some choose the color of a dress
While people live under stress
When nothing to wear you walk naked
While every form of life is precious and sacred!


Food industries and Pharmacy
Decide how our health is to be
They influence our every day life
In how we live and how we survive

We all depend
On how Ministers of Health spend
While we have to surrender
To what they have on their agenda

They can tell us at least
Why the costs seem to increase
Where is all the money stored?
Healthcare: Many can no longer afford

Shouldn’t we ditch
The people becoming so rich?
As far as I can see
Healthcare should be for free

Enjoy your day!


Today is a day
To keep your worries away
To just sit in the sun
Go for a run

Receive an “energy dose”
From “smelling” a rose
It can feel groovy
To go to a movie

Sit at the bar
Feeling like a star
Look at the moon
Eating ice cream with a spoon

Just lay
In the hay
Let your body float
Or sit in a boat

Let nothing destroy
This beautiful day of joy