A Somebody


Once he was well-known
He sat on his “Throne”
He had a stroke
And went broke

No one knew HIM any more
But in his very core
He was still the same
Everybody forgot his name

Nobody did mind
They all left him behind

Sitting in an aircraft


Looking  out of the window
Seeing what goes on far below:

Sitting in your seat
Landscapes so neat
Everything is small and sweet
It is just like a treat

Like girls and boys
Living in a life of toys
Wouldn’t it be great
To give the scène a new fate

You could interfere
If you saw any fear
Blow out a big fire
Take away a big liar

Manipulate a storm
Interfere when it is too warm
With a magic stroke
See how war machines broke

Shake your hand with love
Let money rain From above

A cry for attention

Some have a “loud way” to express
Themselves, just to impress
Often they pretend “to be”
A tough personality

More often they have fears
And hide their very own tears
They feel insecure
Their confidence “poor”

Now they focus on the other
To not look any further
They can not find their own words
When their dear heart hurts

They just forgot to mention
It is actually their cry for attention

A clown


When we just sit down
We realise we are all a clown
Every day we wear a mask
To complete our task

To get on with our life
We often need to survive
In fact we are all great actors
And have the X-factor

Society made up the rules
And We are the fools
But let us break
With all that is fake

And let us embrace
The idea to show our “true” face

Keep It simple


For being ill
There is a pill
But also expect
A side effect
Which we need to treat
To keep us on our feet

To work in perfection
Every rule, has an exception
People lose their passion
And their affection
To forever fill in forms
Always changing norms

Life has become complex
It is a bottleneck
For our own Health
Throwing away our wealth
While in essence
Every patient needs our PRESENCE



She can not believe
All the grief
All the hurt
That occurred

All this hate
Such a waste
“Her body” she did sacrifice
For all of our lies

She has had enough
Of living Without love
To Heaven she prayed
To come to her Aid

For the old to fade
And to come out of the shade
To our surprise
As a Phoenix She will arise

Then absolutely
We will all see her beauty



Time puts us under pressure
No time for any leisure
At least that is what we believe
It is about what we need to achieve

We always need to be busy
No time to feel dizzy
It makes us all crazy
But otherwise you are lazy

When not on time, we are late
We would even forget our date
But wait a minute!
Are we not acting like an idiot?

If we continue
We might need to review
Why we are always in a hurry
And always in a worry

Why are we over booking?
What are we overlooking?
To remember how to feel
What is phony and what is real?

Stop, and take your time
Do not undermine
The importance of a rest
Letting go of all the stress