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Why do we only fight “the symptoms” ?

When you listen to our news, you hear about the terrible
things happening in the world.
When I follow the news about ISIS I ask myself:
“How could a group of people become so powerful”?

We must go back to 9/11 when the whole problem started,
the hate against a whole “group of people”.
And I do not believe the official story told about, who did 9/11.
Even if we would neglect that question, we (US and other
Western countries) did invade Iraq, because of the mass
destruction weapons, never found and we killed Saddam.
A country destroyed
I once listened to an interview with a man who lived in Iraq
who joined ISIS.
He said in his own words:  “Saddam Hussein wasn’t the best
Leader of a country, but life was ok”.
What happened after the invasion? We left a country destroyed.
(Repeating of History: Afghanistan, Libya and now in Syria.)
No work, no money, big families.
These are circumstances when groups could become extreme.
People who hate others because what happened to their country,
to their family’s.
Living in a destroyed country, it is difficult to earn money.
You get a chance to earn money, joining extreme groups.

In politics, you never hear the question why?
Instead of looking at the “root” of a problem we are always
working on the “symptoms” (people flee to Europe).
We focus on the problems this causes in these countries.
THE question should be: “WHO is benefitting from this situation”?
What are the big interests in these countries?
Which countries are supporting these Rebel groups?
Who are supplying these groups with equipment?
O have often listened to people saying the same thing:
“If  these people would not be supported,
there would be no ISIS, no Al Qaeda”.

It is always about divide and conquer.
The first film are Veterans speaking out.
The second film is :The Stanford Prison
it is just fascinating to see how people change,
it isn’t even “real”.

“News forecast”

Dear People

(This is how I would love to see the news!)

Today is another day
News presented in a new way
From now on News will be real
We will all need to heal
It must be understood
Great changes are afoot
Realize:”killing another”
Is a daughter or a son of a mother!!!
It is like being a thief
Bringing so much grief
Understand: “You are we”
“I am you and you are Me”
In this new mind frame
we are all the same!
Learn to forgive: “ourselves and the other”
“Everybody is my sister, my brother”

No war
Forgiveness is the key
For all of us to see
With love we can expect
To re-connect!
We must re-unite
Our future will be bright
Learn about our own mighty power
That will bloom into a beautiful flower

We will:
realize what went wrong
Peace will make us strong
have great wealth
and live in good health
play or own symphony
together in perfect harmony
need to deal
With the fact: “our enemy” wasn’t real
our mirror shows our “true” reflection
Which we will need to question

It will be hard to realize for the human race,
that science is not always evidence base(d)
It will be the case
To fly into space
We will all come to the conclusion
That life was an illusion

The sky will NO longer be the limit!



It is a fact,
with a smile you make contact
it all starts
touching hearts

A smile is like a light,
an energy far and wide
Smile at a person on the street
Smile at A Child in need

Be that light
Stronger than a fight
Spread it where you go
Smile from head to toe
a smile
could be your new style
It is easy to wear
It expresses care

Smile and the whole world smiles with you



We all need to fit in our society.
I believe, it is this situation that makes many people feel so miserable.
From the beginning of our lives, we had to adjust to “the values of Society”.
We learn from our parents, our education and from our social environment how we need “to behave” and how to “survive”.
If we fall “out of the normal” we must be readjusted back to “normal”.
My suggestion would be: “If all of us are not normal”, maybe we need to look at our Society with critical eyes.
Maybe we should re-adjust the “rules and values” of our Society.
Who REALLY decides what is “normal” or “not normal”?
If we all would become “normal” there wouldn’t be a problem!

What I do not, and will not accept, is that our society is only focused on learning skills.
I do not say that we shouldn’t train these skills, I just try to understand why we do not “learn” at school about love, respect and to accept?
Why don’t we learn about the gifts of dear Mother Earth about her nature and the animal kingdom?
At the entrance of each school we could read the words saying:
“Welcome dear Children of this wonderful World”
“We celebrate your lives Every single day”.
“You are all being loved and appreciated”‘
Then we would learn to live a good life where you learn to investigate into your own special skills.
Then we would learn to respect and accept ourselves and others just they way we are!
We would learn to create a community where we would work together.
Together we would make a great team! Each and every one is unique and special.
How important is it to learn about self-esteem? How important is it to feel self-confident?
When we have self-confidence we dare to be ourselves. If we dare to be ourselves, without being laughed at, we will not need drugs to make us feel better, because we can just be.
We would not need to wear a mask or pretend to be who we are not!
We would be appreciated for who we are.
This would take so much stress away in our society.

If at the beginning of our life’s, we would have the feeling of being welcome,  we would grow up as an adult knowing that we are being appreciated.
Because every adult still has this “child” inside of them, who wants to be seen, heard and loved.

Criminal behavior and the costs of Healthcare would drop very fast!

In this world where we live in, I would say: “That the rules and the values” made up in our Society are the REAL problem!

(A little note from me. I am sorry for the sentence and word “breakups”. I am afraid
they are a lack of my computer skills, not my English skills:)