Dear honey

Dear Honey
Where is the money?
“A wrong conversation”
Gives a lot of frustration!
Well, a pair of shoes and a dress
More or less,
It was in the sale
I did fail
To mention,
It left my attention

Then there was a fax
For us to pay the tax
And still
Another bill
I forgot to say
You need to pay
Better be on time
Or you get a fine
I think it is wicked:
You had a second speeding ticket
Oh yes, food for the dogs
For the fireplace a pile of logs
Our daughter needed a coat
I bought a ticket for the boat
And petrol for the car
You had a beer at the bar
With your friend
Was it more that you did spend?
Oh yes, the neighbour gave me a lift
I bought her a little gift

Honey dear
Did you hear?
Oh, and there is more
But I would become a bore
I would say
It could ruin our day; )