Do I walk my talk?

Do I Walk
My talk?
Is what I say
And do Ok?

Did I just tell a lie
Because I was shy?
Was I mean
To avoid a scene?

Did I please
For my own ease?
When I tell my story
Is It all glory?

Did I mix intuition
With ambition?
If It is on “me” I want to rely
I must always ask the question Why:

What is MY motivation
In this situation???


We have “anxiety”
In a variety
Some are complex
In a different context

Think of our heart rate
Just going on a date
We all have nerves
They don’t always serve

Mostly we are afraid
For us not an aid
Worry for what will come
Making us feel numb

And when we look back
It kept us of track
It costs a lot energy
Being our own “enemy”


When lending money from Banks
They want us to say “thanks”
WE see It as a possibility
To gain some “Liberty”

But Banks play with digits
Seeing us as “idiots”
It is quite clear
Our money disappears

They calculate
And manipulate
And create
Their interest rate

We need to show every account
Euros, dollars, yen, or pounds
It is a one way road
Banks “sitting” on OUR Money-Load!


Home is a place to stay
No need to perform a play
Where you talk about your shame
And who you “became”

Where you dare to feel depressed
Because your boyfriend left
You feel safe to ask all the “Whys”
And listen to good advise

Where you laugh and sing
You are your own Queen or King
In every single soul
There is a place you control

Yourself you can console
When your life doesn’t feel whole
Where you let go of your pride
Where you are your own wise guide

Feeling alone


Many people do not feel accepted
They often feel rejected
A feeling on Earth they do not belong
Their inner Being feels “wrong”

Their frustration they do not express
Their Personality, they suppress
They experience “separation”
Feeling desperation

I would ask them to show
Their personality to grow
They often have so much to say
Express it in their very own way

They are sensitive people
Do not follow like “sheeple”
Please make the choice
To forever raise your voice!

True Leaders show us the way…..

True Leaders do not need much to say
They will just show us the way
It is Someone you trust to follow
They wear an unseen halo

A real Leader shows YOU respect
Our worries they do not neglect
It is Someone who speaks the Truth
Taking care of the elderly and of the Youth

Someone who gives us faith
Their words carry “weight”
Keeping their promise
Giving us real solace

Real Leaders don’t put their name
On a wall of Fame
Their words and deeds are congruent
In their role they feel confident