Love brings Unity

Why do we always love to talk about differences?
Differences in: Color, religion,  profession etc.
Putting a label on everything and everybody.
This topic by the name of “Division”
divides the whole world.

In our world we always talk about education.
What we don’t realise, is while we are being so
“educated”, we forgot to FEEL.
We forgot to feel what is really important.
We forgot to LOVE.
Because at school we do not learn about the most
important subject in our beautiful life: LOVE.
And I do not talk about looking for love in another,
but looking for our own love, deep inside ourselves.
Self love.
And I do not talk about the ego love, feeling more
important than anybody else.
But I talk about love and respect for ourselves
and others.
Only when we look for this beautiful true love
inside and about ourselves, and others, we will
see the outside world with different eyes.
We will hear with different ears, and we will
feel what life is truly all about.

Then,  we do not see the differences, but we will
seek for the similarities in each other.
Then, we will look past color, religion or whatever
divides us.
Because in our Hearts and in our Souls we will
see the same LOVE.
Love for ourselves and for others brings PEACE.

A Child

I say:
“I pray”

For a small Child
Pure and mild
That her operation
Creates a new situation

For her to fight
To shine her light
Far and bright

Her parents care
Their love to share
A lifetime long
For her to become strong

For your attention
I want to mention
Without any tension:

Every Child of Earth’s creation
Deserves a stable foundation
And a love life expectation
In every Nation!

The soul

The soul
Can be “whole”
What you feel
No one can ‘steal”

The brain is complex
We need to flex
Not to stare blind
And stay behind

What I state:
“Our brain we overestimate”
It sometimes puts us on the brink
To over-think

We feel a lot of pressure
It then becomes a stressor
I believe the soul is the guide
We need to find the song deep inside

It will show you your path
It feels like a warm bath
We have become unaware
But it has always been there

When your soul has found its way
The brain will follow and play
Together in a brand new song
That is the place where we belong

Mom, where is my hamster…?

Once upon a time we had  two hamsters.
You know the same old story: “Mom, please
can I have hamsters”!
“I promise I will look after them”!
(I must confess, we have had them all:
Hamsters, rabbits, 
Guinea pigs, dogs etc.).
And of course, mom would give in!
So my husband built a lovely “Ajax house”
(We live in the Netherlands, you MUST have
heard from our Ajax soccer team: ))
Anyway, these sweet little hamsters do their
workouts at night, when we decide to sleep!
Each night we would hear their treadwheel
Go round and round and round……

One day I decided, we had enough and the little
fellows moved to the garage.
You can imagine, by then, the real interest in
the little creators had already disappeared.
And of course mom was the one looking after them.
But….. We did not only keep hamsters in the garage…
also our car!
On a good day (well actually on a bad day)
One little hamster escaped, we couldn’t find it any where!

Now I must admit, I did see something very flat and furry
on the garage floor, but I didn’t put one and one together
straight away..
After a while I took a closer look. There was a tiny
little carpet, on the garage floor, ouch!
I didn’t dare tell my daughter.
After a few months. I confessed …

If you have a pet
You also need a vet
No matter big or small
As a mom you are always on call
But when you have a very “flat” pet
You are too late for the vet: ((

A new Goal

We are like a soccer team
We are all very keen
To be “THE STAR”
Known from a far

We are also quite competitive
While everything is really relative
Millions of dollars pass the bank accounts
While for MANY people around the world only counts:

“How on earth to survive another day”?
They all have a dream so “far” away
So tired of their everyday fights
They also would love to be in “THE SPOTLIGHTS”:

All the brave people, their names seen
On “a world-wide big screen”
We should give them a standing ovation
To show them our true appreciation.

While the soccer team play their parts
We need to think about ALL the dear hearts
Instead of giving competition so much attention
We could focus on a new potential

Sports and music gives us so much pleasure
But do we always want to “measure”
Who is the very best?
Life shouldn’t be so stressed

We can also just play for fun
So other people do not need to run
That is what we need (for) to strive
That ALL the people get a better life

We could do something grand
Hold each others hand
Together we CAN play a beautiful role
and kick the ball “in a brand new goal”!!!

(I know the millions of dollars do no go
go to (for example) a soccer player themselves,
but I just want to try to understand,
why some people are worth millions
of dollars and millions of people
are worth????)



Political Zoo

I honestly have no clue
What to do
What is true
In this Political Zoo

When the elephant trumps
The whole world jumps
All the media, like hyena’s they react
We observe this all as a fact

Words are mixed
Sentences are fixed
I see it in our own political “Artis” Zoo
People walk around like numbness gnu’s

Or we act like bamboon’s afraid, of catching flees
From chimpanzees in other trees
In Politics the lion wants to catch its pray
When the “victim” has gone astray

People on the streets act like little deer
On alert because of the fear
Watch the ostrich put its head in the sand
Not knowing how this Political mess will end

As an “Observer” it is all quite a show
To see how the other one gets the next blow
And because I just do not know
At the moment I let all the news go…..


A voice

You have a choice
To use your voice
In your own way
The words you say:
Can be sharp as a knife
They can go right through a soul
And leave a hole
They can break one’s heart
They can make you cry

They can feel like a blanket
Make you feel warm and safe
Make you feel alright
They can save your day
Words travel far
Words of truth
Can make the difference
Between war and Peace

When you use your voice,
use your words accurate and sincere