We are in a Tornado of change
Effecting the whole human race
We are the eye of the needle
Scared as a weasel,  fly like an eagle
We are also the touch down
And we are in the countdown
Our cells receive new information
Creating a different situation
Not statical, but practical
It may seem “dramatical”
It is not about black OR white
Left OR right
But moving from “OR” to AND
From separation, to blend
From seeing the differences
To reforming our principles
We are the citizens
Implementing what is significant



Wisdom in not something you buy
It does not come from a lie
Going through Life you are growing
Wisdom is more than only knowing

First you learn how to stand
Then you walk holding a hand
The next step is to let go
To play in your own show

There are times when you fall apart
Pick up yourself and make a new start
Wisdom is something you have earned
From all life lessons you have learned

Little white feathers

I look for little white feathers
In any type of weather
In grass or in heather
Little angels all together

They are never the same
I gave them little names
Like Noel and Joel
Or even Tinkerbell

Little feathers a story they tell
Angel words they spell
For me they are stellar
The naughty and the belle

What else can I say
With letters we play
I keep them in my note-book
A place where I often look

Wat do we really “Own”

Sometimes we are a “clone”
Of our own
Fading away from our core
Fighting an inner war

We may OWN things very pretty
And hang on to stuff really shitty
Seeking for the meaning
Of our well-being

We OWN our integrity, personality
Have our “own”  dignity,  liberty
No need to discuss
Because we “owe” to us

We don’t have to spend one cent
To buy “it” or to pay any rent
Banks may find it worthless
But for us it is priceless

Wall Street might not have any interest:
WE are the “property” in which we should invest



There are days when we are bored
Our energy system seems “floored”
Not caring about things you adored

Wanting to do nothing at all
Not even going to the mall
Or making that phone call

Just hanging in a chair
You don’t even care
About your messy hair

In life we need to be very busy
Rushing into the city
Attending every committee

Do we ever ask ourselves why?
So let boredom-days just pass by
Just accept them with a big sigh

The dance of life

In life we dance quick quick slow
“Dancing” the Salsa and the Tango
Depending on decisions we make
Our lives can twist and shake

Sometimes we fall over our feet
Feeling bittersweet, incomplete
Then it is time to take a seat
Listen to the rhythm of the heart beat

It feels great when we shuffle
As a happy couple
But in life it is a “no go”
When a foxtrot makes you feel low

No matter how or where we “dance”
In China, America or in France
“Dancing in life” together or alone
ALWAYS be sure it feels as your own


A Birth

An angel has arrived at dawn
When a new child is born
It is a combination
Made into a new creation
It is worth a celebration
Of a new generation
Counting fingers and toes
Complete with eyes, mouth, nose
(Grand) parents play a major part
To love them with all their Heart
Let children become the bridge
To overcome every conflict
When children red, black, yellow, white
Become a “Warrior” of the Light



In our lives it plays a major role
EVERYTHING we love to control:
Being cautious to not fall in a hole…
To over thinking it all

It is like a spider web
Protecting us for every “misstep”
A feeling we need to un wrap
To see it is actually a trap!

Being alert for all exceptions
Protecting us from deceptions
It weighs on our shoulder
Perhaps we should be a beholder:

Instead of controlling the “if’s”
We could see it as our gifts
We could try to become flexible
Instead of always being sensible


There is something hanging in the air
When I want to catch it, it is no longer there
It tastes soft and sweet
Like a very special treat
I see it with my eyes closed
I still smell it with my nose

There is something hanging in the air
I can feel it, it can be anywhere
I try to keep it in my little red purse
Because I want it to rehearse
It “sounds” like something new
Different but true

There is something hanging in the air
For everyone, everywhere
It feels very supportive
Dormant,  important
A whole new performance
Overwhelming, enormous

(Sorry, sometimes when I publish a poem
something goes totally wrong:)))


There are many pets
Like mice and rats
Rabbits and frogs
Cats and dogs:

They sneak
They freak
They walk
And stalk
They bitch
When they itch
I can also tell
They smell
They are lazy
And crazy

They sit at the door
On the cold floor
To wait
When you are late
Give you a paw
When the Heart is sore
They keep me sane
When I am in pain
They always share enough