The Moon

All the nights we spend
With the Moon as our friend
The Moon we can trust
While She looks after us

When She becomes full
She pushes and “pulls”
All the shadow out of our system
Every month in the same rhythm

When She becomes “new” and grows
One manifests all that one knows
In everyday life we do not realize
What is all hidden in our skies

Being Grateful

Being grateful
And faithful
Life will expand
Feelings extend

It will open the door
For receiving more
Your sight
Perceives more light

The words you hear
Sound more sincere
Showing appreciation
Will lead to a transformation

Be grateful for YOU
And all that you do


Please think twice
Before you give advice
Use your advice with tact
Think about the impact

Does your advice nurture?
Or is it more “torture”?
Does it add something positive?
Does it accomplish the opposite?

Without eyes blinking
We say what we are thinking
May your advice be pure
To help people cure!

Cleaning and clearing

A dusty mirror showed my reflection
It needed some inspection
Seeing my own creation
Not resembling my imagination

In my house the lamps
Became too damp
My light didn’t shine
Because all I did was whine

Lamps, mirrors and windows I cleaned
My own image I “cleared”
My oh my what a lot of dirt
That is why my vision got so blurred! ; )

In a moment my Life can change

When: “In a “Moment” my World can change”
The look on my life I need to re arrange
In a “Second” I can make a decision
Avoiding a collision

In a “Minute” I can decide to live intense
And try to make a difference
That is why: “Now”  I feel great
And I want My Life to celebrate!