I left behind the game

I left behind the game
I no longer fit in a “frame”
Because I am not the same

I let go of guilt
The emotions that “stilled”
The useless energy I spilled

I left behind the different roles
Filling up empty holes
Now I listen to my Soul

I just feel content
To No longer pretend
I NOW create my own life event

A special place

Try to find a special place
Make it your own “space”
You might be amazed
What is to take place:

Let go of the sleepless nights
And of the inner fights
Let go of thinking black and white
Find your inner bright light

Let go of the old point of view
It often became overdue
Let go of the thoughts in your head
Listen to the soft voice instead

Every thought is not Unique

Every thought is not unique
As is every word we speak
Every deed has been done before
It will be repeated many times more

But by adding our own intent
We create our own unique event
From whatever we have said or done
We can not hide or run

This is the way  we have proven
That we act very human:
Through deeds, words and thoughts
Our own lessons have been taught