It can feel like a fight


It can feel like a fight
To let in the light
Your own heart blocked
Your feelings shocked

How can this be so
Everything feels like a No
It feels like a mess
No more No less

Take your time
To realise It is mine
Do not run away
Just Let It stay

Take a good look
From every nook
Do not feel ashamed
Yourself to be blamed

Forgive your dear heart
It is all your own part

Sometimes I want to fly


Sometimes I want to fly
But all I do is just sigh
Where do I go
When I just feel low

What is happening
My wings start flapping
Once I flew
But Now I am overdue

I look for a new nest
Letting the old rest
New feelings start to swell
I can feel It in every cell

It hurts, flying away
From a place I loved to stay
I need to take my own time
To make new things “rhyme”

The old went sour
My wings feel a new Power


Each life is just a Miracle
And indeed mystical
More often we need to say
I love you every day

Not because of your grade
They may even fade
Not because you did succeed
In what we thought you did need

Not out of our frustration
Creating YOU in OUR Imagination
No need to pass a test
You are ALWAYS the best

Confident I need to stay
For you to find your own way
I can only state:
My feeling for you is great!

To love you…

To love you
I look “through”
Your words and eyes
To realise

They are like mirrors
Seeing my own “errors”
In a fraction
I see my own reaction

I figure
They are my trigger
How they reflect
And their effect

Inside you and me
What I need to see
Not to neglect
But to accept

Every part
In my own heart
For me to become true
Then…. I can love you!

My Fantasy


In my fantasy
I visit a different Galaxy
Living in a new fashion
Without any aggression

Wouldn’t it be cool
Sitting at a pool
Where I drink tea
With my friend, an ET

Me, he will teach
For the moon to reach
Driving a vehicle supersonic
Right out of a comic

On another day
Now light-years away
I am serious
I can travel to Sirius

Future and past becomes one
When time is “done”
No need for money
In a world of Milk and honey

We will live at ease
A world of happiness and Peace