Each life is just a Miracle
And indeed mystical
More often we need to say
I love you every day

Not because of your grade
They may even fade
Not because you did succeed
In what we thought you did need

Not out of our frustration
Creating YOU in OUR Imagination
No need to pass a test
You are ALWAYS the best

Confident I need to stay
For you to find your own way
I can only state:
My feeling for you is great!

To love you…

To love you
I look “through”
Your words and eyes
To realise

They are like mirrors
Seeing my own “errors”
In a fraction
I see my own reaction

I figure
They are my trigger
How they reflect
And their effect

Inside you and me
What I need to see
Not to neglect
But to accept

Every part
In my own heart
For me to become true
Then…. I can love you!

My Fantasy


In my fantasy
I visit a different Galaxy
Living in a new fashion
Without any aggression

Wouldn’t it be cool
Sitting at a pool
Where I drink tea
With my friend, an ET

Me, he will teach
For the moon to reach
Driving a vehicle supersonic
Right out of a comic

On another day
Now light-years away
I am serious
I can travel to Sirius

Future and past becomes one
When time is “done”
No need for money
In a world of Milk and honey

We will live at ease
A world of happiness and Peace

A Child born

A Child is born
Like a rose without a thorn
Somewhere a long the way
They forgot how to play

Like a bird that can not fly
Without knowing why
Their wings are clipped
Spontaneity has been stripped

Our rules of society
Do not like variety
It is a “must”
For children to adjust

Give a Child back its wings
To play with their own created things
Let us rely
For them to become the butterfly

To show us their beauty
With skills and talents, not only duty
Let their heart sing their own song
This is the place where they belong

The Sun


Our Sun
Is never done
Is forever shining
Always designing

See how the sun plays
With its Beautiful rays
Showing wonderful colours
Watching children and mothers

So we can survive
And create our own life

Every single day….

Every single day
WE give our power away
When in Politics and Religion
They share only their vision

When they talk about division
I make my own decision:
I decide I do not follow
When their words sound hollow

When they talk about them and we
Dividing you and me
They say:”I am better than you”
Wanting you to believe it is true

There is no one to blame
Because we are all the same
We are the ones
Daughters and sons

We need to accept
That Illusions are a fact
How can we devide?
When we need to stand side by side

Everyone is in their core
No less no more
I believe in a Source
That is our true life force

It is inside you and me
It is for free
It stands for love and co- creation
Unity in every nation

Meaning of spirituality

The meaning of spirituality
Has a lot of variety
It was to become aware
What is true for me and fair

You hit the bottom of the well
It feels like real hell
Let it just be
A wounded heart to become free

You need People to understand
And just hold your hand
No judging, no label
Now you can become stable

You need to accept
That the past is a fact
Let go of this “mind frame”
See it as a life “game”

Learn from it
It does no longer fit
Humor is a great tool
To see who is the fool

Like food rotten and old
A story once told
Now you move on
The past has gone

Your life is about learning
No way of re-turning


Feels strange
The unknown
Makes one frown

To where does this lead
To dare plant a new seed
It is scaring
To be daring

To let go of the old
You must be bold
Dare take that next step
When thrown into your lap

Be brave, be brisk
And dare to take that risk
Then you can trust
And adjust

You can not be “wrong”
You just play a different song
With another tune
You mitght feel you fly to the moon