Social media can hurt

We must be awake
For the sake
Of a child
Being exiled

Not for one but for all
We must be on call
Te learn to respect
To not neglect

The life of each one
Do not overrun, for fun
To put on Facebook
For everyone to look

So we can all see
This person to be
To just hurt
To throw out the dirt

Their deep shame
For others a game
It can cause
Damage to their life force

It happens time and again
It should be a social ban!
We should be aware
And care

When interfering
We can hurt ones feeling

Your life path

Your path of life
Is to strive
To follow your heart
Is a good start

Life is not a goal
You play your own roll
You have a chance
To advance

It is not about facts
That are exact
But every day
Is about how you play

In Life’s process
And your progress
You need to follow
No need to borrow

Life is your own
That you need to “own”
Let your “heart” voice rise
It will give you wise advice


You need to relax
And to flex
To amuse
Not to confuse

We learn about subtractions
And about exceptions
When in grammar
You need to hammer
It all into your head
Before you go to bed

Then you have wealth
And your health
The first is about money
It should make life sunny
But when you have less
It gives you stress

Health is bout “being well”
Sometimes going through hell
When you need a pill
It often makes you feel ill
We deal with ‘side effects”
This makes life so complex

We need to go to “the cause”
Instead of all these laws
Maybe we should change
And see how strange
Our life has become
When we are the “sum”:

Of our own restrictions
Created our own fiction
See our convictions
And addictions
We learn from our deception
Make our own correction
To find a new connection
It leads us into a new direction


On Earth
Is about what you are worth
We are able
To give everyone a label

You can quit
If you don’t fit,
Then there is no place
Laughed at in your face

It makes you feel bad
Isn’t that sad?
Then you are “out”
What on Earth is this all about!

A family Holliday: )

The fun was maybe the best BEFORE
We left the front door!
We all pretty well know:
Much stress before we go

At last the car is packed
“Principles” we neglect
To keep the children at ease
Games and chips are just to please!

Mom, and dad start of fine
Then the children start to wine
Are we already there?
John just pulled my hair

He hit me in the face,
Pulled out my shoe laced
A journey of a thousand a mile
Will take us quite a while

Oh, just keep quiet!
Look at the video we hired
Are the passports packed?
I thought YOU checked!!!

Our mood then became sour
Passport drama, cost us another hour!
Instead of taking a little nap!
Please look on the road map

Don’t hold it upside down
We went through the wrong town!
After a long drive
He could just “strangle” his wife

Looking back
Life on track
Oh my dear
I could just do with a beer
Remind me next year
We will stay over here!

But life is a mystery
We have a short memory : ))
(Ofcourse the map says something
about my age: ))